Offering & Approach

Metaverse REIT Highlights

NFT's representing virtual land assets are an attractive new emerging asset class

The REIT intends to be represented by an NFT token with each token representing a relative ownership of the total portfolio of assets under management (AUM). The more NFT tokens that are owned, the larger percentage of the REIT an investors owns. We intend for this to be by far the most pragmatic, cost effective and safe method of gaining investment exposure to a diversified basket of virtual real estate NFT’s.

A high quality portfolio with scale in the right sector for long-term revenue generation

Comprised of prime properties in the leading Metaverse’s including Decentraland, Somnium Space, Cryptovoxels, Sandbox, Upland and other commercially viable Metaverses, buildings are located in desirable areas with constrained supply/demand attributes and excellent neighborhoods. 

The Metaverse real estate sector has delivered the highest returns relative to any form of real estate in any country of the world. Metaverse real estate has been highly disruptive throughout the economic cycle and pandemic as it is in-line with the digital future. It is expected that the Metaverse will benefit from continued economic expansion demand for technology globally  The properties within the REIT represents some of the absolute best virtual real estate that is available across all major Metaverse’s.

Strategic avenues for growth

Positioned to generate organic growth through taking more properties to market and generating revenue, value-added developments, and as demand for Metaverse assets intensifies. The Metaverse REIT expects to generate external growth through its right of first opportunity on investment opportunities identified by the Metaverse Group, as well as third-party acquisitions.

Benefit of an industry-leading, vertically integrated platform with strong alignment of interests

Metaverse Group has a fully-integrated, institutional-caliber operating platform with a complete range of metaverse services, providing cost efficiency and scalability. Metaverse Group’s interest is fully aligned with REIT holders as the firm is contributing a significant amount of real estate to the REIT. Metaverse Group intends to fully internationalize Metaverse real estate asset management and property management functions into the REIT.

Experienced management team and Board

The executive officers of the REIT have more than 30 years of combined disruptive technology industry experience. The independent Board of Advisors brings deep experience in corporate governance, capital markets, real estate, legal and public compliance matters.

Predictable distributions and growth

Once operational and profitable, the REIT intends to have a cash distribution that is paid on a monthly basis. There is currently no debt held by the REIT. The flexibility around initial distributions provides financial flexibility for the REIT to pursue both internal and external growth opportunities.

Metaverse Reit