Executive Management

Michael Gord


Michael Gord is the co-founder & CEO of Global Digital Assets (GDA) Group of Companies, which are, focused across capital markets verticals in the blockchain industry. Michael is the Managing Director of the XDB Foundation, the leading protocol focused on branded stablecoins, and the CEO of MLG Blockchain, focused on enterprise and government consulting and development.

Michael has advised on over $20.5 Billion in digital asset offerings, helped to secure over $5 Billion in asset placements and has worked with Fortune 500 companies and global governments. Michael was one of the first advocates for digital assets in Canada, built the first university communities for blockchains in Canada and was the first enterprise blockchain developer that TD Bank hired. Michael has introduced digital assets to tens of thousands of people through his initiatives.

Jason Cassidy


Jason has over twenty years of financial and technical experience, including seven years managing various software technologies at BlackBerry. From working in concert with numerous Fortune 500 companies and governmental bodies to traveling the world to gain a global perspective, he has an eclectic background that spans the gamut. 
Jason brings a rare mix of experience, passion and vision to the group. Being professionally involved in cryptocurrency since 2012, his focus is now on growing the first true digital real estate company via NFT’s (Non-fungible tokens). Considered a pioneer and expert in NFT’s, Jason has founded several landmark companies in the space within the realm of gaming, digital art, digital fashion and virtual real estate.
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